Monday, March 31, 2008

ZEDDIE in the hizzz-aouse!!!!!!!!

hello all, Todd here. just trying to get up on this blog for a minute. Seth has been staying with me for the past few winter months, got a lot of dumb photos to share, this one might be the best of the dumbest...

the Hobo Hover.

Steve's gonna kill me

Pretty much steve's gonna kill me. But maybe, just maybe this little web-blackmail trick will get him hyped to do some blogging. As the other 1/2 of Familia owership, this dude has big blogging boots to fill. Let's see some team effort steve...

Top 5 photos of Nesser I've been chilling on till now:

Ballerville or Bloggerville...your choice.

Meet Adam Bovee. 1/2 owner of Familia Skateshop. Some might refer to him as the silent partner in the equation, but we like to refer to him as the "brains" of the operation. Deep within his cavernous office, in the seedy underbelly of Familia's St.Paul location, lurks Mr. Bovee, crunching numbers and making power move after power move.

In efforts to get him to resurface amongst the skating public, I'm dedicating all my posts to the subject of "bovee" till he joins our blogging team. Stay tuned for some awesome Bovee shots and updates as he will probably be the last one to accept the invitation to the blogosphere.

Todd Bratrud...coming to a blog near you




perfect name

who the hell said "OK" to the name of this company???


Rob G loves BMX
Cuba crew rollin deep
The skate park was so grimy and oh so ill
says it all
just a few flicks but keep a look out for the Cuba article in the next SLAP Magazine