Monday, April 27, 2009


Tallinn, Estonia ?! Some of you might say: where the hell is that? Is that even a real place? And some of you might say: “Encino Man” remembering 1992 Pauly Shore movie.

Estonia is a very small country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe and it is bordered to the north by Finland across the Gulf of Finland of Baltic Sea.

And Tallinn is the largest city and the capital of Estonia. And it is where history comes from, Tallinn was put on the world maps in 1154. It is also the birth place and home of the Simpel Session, Europe biggest indoor contest that takes place every January. Another contest ?! Yes and no, Simpel Session has more to offer than just a contest, you can check the Simpel Session Film Festival with huge selection of videos from all over the world, if you like history, you would enjoy the sightseeing of the medieval old Tallinn, and if you like to party, you would get your mind blown away with amount of beautiful ladies and amazing local food and beer. Trust me, you need to come out and see it with your own eyes, it might become one of your favorite places to go.

Every year Simpel Session brings together the top name riders from all over Europe, the names you probably never will be able to pronounce even if your life would depend on it. One of them is Enis Fazliov from Finland with the most effortless style I have ever seen. Enis just got on Almost Europe, so hopefully you will see more of that kid in a near future! I have to mention one of my favorites Ben Grove from England, that guy is beast, with unique raw style, steady killing everything on his way. Unfortunately Ben was another victim of crazy nightlife and slept through his final runs. From US this year we had Malcolm Watson, Anthony Shetler, Adam Dyet and Jeremy Rogers, who missed couple of flights on the way to Estonia, made it on the last day of the contest, skated into the finals on the red bull wings and managed to place third and swooped best trick contest. And the first place went to 14 years old Axel Cruysberghs from Belgium, another Flip sponsored wonder child. The one and only Dave Duncan hosted the whole event.

ben grove
Maxim magazine voted Tallinn as a top 5 cities in the world to party. And if you attend one of those parties you will know why. Its like Tijuana without stabbing and a donkey shows, every night the organizers of the event throw a party at some night club or bar and the first thing that comes to your mind: is that a lesbian bar?! Why there are so many single beautiful ladies. And ladies who actually want to talk to you and buy you a drink. That is why so many dudes fall a victim of the party and never skate good the next day.

sami small

jeremy rogers
So start your next year right and come out to Tallinn Estonia for next Simpel Session 2010. Maybe you will meet your future wife or just have an amazing time. I also recommend visiting Estonia in the summer to skate outside, maybe grind that medieval bench the German and Dutch knights used to sit their armored asses on.


Extreme Ash said...

Can American women meet beautiful single Estonian men?

if so, sign me up wingman!

Tooth said...

I must go!!