Monday, May 11, 2009

Ipath demo...TUESDAY at Oakdale Skatepark. 5 P.M.

If it rains...we go to the shop and do a mellow in-store event.  If it doesn't rain...we get awesome.  Oakdale Skatepark.  5 P.M.  Free.  All ages.  Let's do this.


Anonymous said...

This demo was pretty sad. Team showed up way late, no apologies (I figured they'd be there early, with rain on the way). Local kids kept skating for way too long after the team started, in part because nobody manned up and made any sort of announcement. Local kids never got up off the "picnic table," which is an obstacle, not a place to sit. Team skated for a short time, then threw out advertising product. For anyone who came out to see actual professionals actually demonstrate their skills, this event was a D- at best. Familia guys, if you're gonna sponsor an event, take some responsibilty and see that it goes well. IPath guys, why bother doing a tour if the main event is throwing out advertising product. Twin Cities skaters, get your heads out of your asses; don't sit on obstacles made for skating; and when you're pro, then maybe people will want to watch you skate, until then, show some respect and stay out of the way.

Anonymous said...

On the positive side, for the short time between warm-up and product toss, I have to say that Nilton Neves was the one guy who really seemed to be going for it, and he was KILLING IT. I have to admit I wasn't familiar with him before and had to look him up to match the face with a name, but I'll be keeping my eye out for that name from now on.

Tooth said...

but the review seems SO Intense and Professional for something as Irie as an I path demo out at the little play pen in oakdale,
like a vine ripened and cask aged connessoir of not only quality skateboard content and difficulty factor of maneuvers, but of demonstration flow and entertainment value. but its chill, you are kinda right, thanks for a non failing grade,

I like that flow kid who grinded everything in there (even up the down)
those wind gusts were pretty strong too,
Nilton is a ninja! he was telling me how he used the wind for a better catch on this monsterous bs flip on the bigger quater pipe, holy shit!

Anonymous said...

holy shit anonymous you really take skateboarding serious