Friday, November 28, 2008

Flip Skateboards FEAST Tour

so as you most likely don't know, i do some art for Flip Skateboards, the past few weeks i was out on the road with "Team Flip" through AZ into TX and back through AZ on the FEAST tour, i posted a blog of lots of snapshots about every day on the trip, go have a look on the Flip BLOG.

here are a few that i didn't put up on the Flip BLOG.
Rowleys AZ crib. shoes being cleaned/filmed, Luan pulling the old "banana in the face as you sleep" trick on Louie, graffitti, fire and nail polish, crap getting pissed on, Luan and David, Green pee, Louie in some metal circles, board gripping, Apples relaxin', the licorice FOS got me hooked on.


typoscura said...

FEELING those pee shots!

proper angles

T.H.L.A.T. (can't spell) said...

peep my blog on the MAG site for more pee, its my new style!


typoscura said...

sick! i will. futuristic