Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend at Hutchies!!! 09

Stopped through indy to hang with andrew hawtch and friends.
Two of the pugs made it along for the adventure
RIP KOP tribute t shirt. so BAD that its good.

First stop was this mega spillway roller. Unique, and has a couple 
different ways of hitting it other than the life ending roll in option.

Then off to kokomo for some boggling xxx bent fullpipe terrain. The lines are amazing
fun, but getting on the lip will leave you with limps and lumps.

The final stop was the best. We drove an hour south to bloomington and scouted
this spillway that kendall skated in an old santa cruz video. The top of the dam was 
this mini wave wall,

And the rest had just been rebuilt!! This monster has brand new tranny banks
and lips on the whole length of it, which is well over 200 yards long!! All different sizes and slopes, with drop offs, hips, and lips. Look at the size of lil hutchie in the left of this shot. Well worth the trek, soggy boards, and infected road rash.

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Brandon said...

that's in bloomington, mn? by the mn river?