Wednesday, August 26, 2009

YOU interviewed - Adam Longfield

1. Where do you live? Las Vegas, NV formerly lived in the twin cities for 28years born and bred… visiting next week and I can’t wait to be there!

2. How old are you? 28 years young.

3. How long have you been skateboarding? Been skateboarding since 96’, so 13years now!

4. What are some of your favorite companies? Girl, Independent trucks, Antihero, Fourstar, Altamont, Walmart, Exxon-Mobil, Enron… etc…

5. List your top five skateboarders.

1. Geoff Rowley

2. John Cardiel

3. Nesser

4. Zed

5. Dennis Busenitz

6. What are your 3 favorite tricks?

Fakie Frontide 180 Heelflip, Just a little backside ollie over a hip feels cool as hell., & FS shove-its.

7. What's your favorite skate spot? There’s this really fun park here in NV near the border of Cali, by Lake Tahoe in a little town called Gardnerville. The park is concrete and it’s got everything. Huge hip, nice big bowl, like a 7stair with a hubba, low ledges, high ledges, bump to ledge, and even a few long manual spots. Big park with plenty of room to cruise without worrying about running into anyone either… Went there on a Roots trip in 2002 I think.

In Mpls my fav spot would probably just be the downtown area in general. If I had to narrow it, it’d be the steep little banks near the Vu on Washington Ave. bridge or the Government center banks … Good times.

8. If you had a million dollars what would you do with it? Try not to blow it having fun with everyone! Travel!Try to start my own skatepark probably. I’ve got a lot of original ideas for a different feeling kinda skatepark that I think a lot of skaters would dig and it’d be nice to do it all for free admission some how...

9. What's your favorite place you've travelled to before? Lake Tahoe, CA or Ft. Myers, FL good times and awesome memories in both places. Both super beautiful too.

10. If you could go anywhere , where would you go and who would you bring? I’d go anywhere outside the U.S.!

Top picks would be Japan, Iceland, Spain, Costa Rica, Mexico, Australia… Anywhere would be dope though. LOVE traveling. I’d bring the homies. Jon Egan(cheese), Fat Matt, Filmer Pat, Dirty D, J-lo(my bro), and maybe my even younger bro who hasn’t ever gotten to travel and skate…


Extreme Ash said...

<3 Adam - hope I get to see you this weekend!

Johnny Reds said...

Sorry Ash! I wish I coulda made it out to Best Summer Ever, but I had family things ta do... Busy, busy weekend... I'll be back soon enough though.