Saturday, August 29, 2009

YOU interviewed - Tim Prozorov

1.Where do you live? Hey guys my name is Tim Prozorov im from Estonia,(city Tallinn), but at the moment i live in England,London skating every day of my life enjoing lovely weather. Is rain sometimes in London but me and my friends always find a dry spot.

2.How old are you? Im just turn 17 years old, but im not really happy about that,because i want to stay young im still young but still well i hope you guys understand me. My english is not great but im trying my best learning english at college.

3.How long have you been skateboarding? I skating for about 5 years now. Travel a lot for competitions and filming basically having fun with my dudes.

4.What are some of you favourite companies? Hmmmm... Favourite companies Defenetly Girl,Chocolate and DC.( From the videos i watched i can say people that ride for these companies really cool guys not because they can skate so sick or they pro they just good people.

5.List your top 5 skateboarders?
5 favourite skateboarders
Grant Paterson
Shaun Malto
Geremy Rogers
Filipe Gustovo
Paul Radriguez

6. What are your 3 favourite tricks? I love every trick i do but the favourite probably Hellflip to Croock
360 flip Nosegrind
and rock to facki 360 flip out ... u can see me skating and mby see some tricks from the list in the links belove

7.Whats are your favourite skate spot? I dont really have a favourite spot i love every place i go every spot in the wolrd,
but the favourite is probably spot is my home road where i start skating.

8. If you had a million dollars what would you do with it? Hmmm thats a good question if i had milion dollors i would give half to my family, because they did give me a huge support.
Another half i will use to create my own backyard skatepark and maybe start my own company to help little boys and girls,
Becouse i know how it is to be unsponsored and dotn have anought money to buy stuff.

9. Whats your favourite place you have been travelled before? My favourite place i traveled before is Manchester in England
good spots good people ( good girls =) )
I rember how i run fors the first time so fast because security was chaising me.

10. If you could go anywhere, where would you go and who you would bring with? I had a chance to go somewhere is only America California. America has a good % to have a skateboarder career that is my dream.
Well if i had a million dollars liek you guys asked i would move my family to america
,but if i didnt i would defenetly go with my girlfriend because i love her more than my board.


Skatessentials said...

Hi Tim, you it up! Best of luck with your English (and your skating).

Anonymous said...

thx bro and everyone

check out few new bits