Tuesday, September 29, 2009

1. Where do you live ? Between USA, SPAIN and ARGENTINA.

2. How old are you ? 32 añitos

3. How long have you been skateboarding ? 22 years

4. What are some of your favorite companies ? Toy Machine, Anti Hero.

5. List your top 5 skateboarders. Rowley, Cardiel, Jamie, Koston, Grant Taylor.

6. What are your 3 favorite tricks ? Fs 360, Bs Smithgrind, Ollie.

7. What's your favorite skate spot ? The raw streets.

8. If you had a million dollars what would you do with it ? Pay my houses, live off their rent and travel around the world.

9. What's your favorite place you have travelled to before ? La Patagonia Argentina.

10. If you could go anywhere , where would you go and who would you bring with ? I would go on a skate trip to Argentina y drive across country, with Luchi, Father, Spiro, Quique, Nona, Rattray, Nesser and Roberto and Kevin.


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