Friday, September 4, 2009

YOU interviewed- Paul Jensen

1. Where do you live? I Live In Roseville, Minnesota. Home to crappy spots and the worst
skatepark ever made so when I wanna skate I either have to go to
another city or go to a skatepark

2. How old are you? I am 13.

3. How long have you been skating? I have been skating for 4 and a half years.

4. What are some of your favorite companies? I'm pretty much down most companies but some of my favorites are
AWS, Cliche, Flip, Skate Mental, DVS, Krux, and of course all the
skateshops in the downtown area and all over Minnesota.

5. List your top 5 favorite skateboarders.
(In no particular order)
Joey Brezinski
Heath Kirchart
Marc Johnson
John Cardiel
Mark Gonzalez

6. What are your 3 favorite tricks?
The Classic Tre Flip
Nollie Backside Flip
Inward Heel

7. What is your favorite skatespot (not limited to your hometown)? I don't really have a favorite spot because I skate everything but my dreamspot is just a ledge and manny pad because with those 2 there
are unlimited possibilities on how to set it up, what trick to do in,
what trick to do out, and you can do ledge to manny, manny to ledge.
So there is always something new to try and it is always a fun session.

8. If you had a million dollars what would you do with it? If I had a million dollars I would probably help create a new
skatepark for my town or just somehow give it back to the skating
community because I can't really think of any good purpose for me to
have that much money because all I need is a board and I'm happy.

9. What's your favorite place travelled to before? My favorite place I've traveled to before is Arizona because there
is such a good skate scene over there. Not too blown out but not too
little skaters. Plenty of skateparks and spots over there and they
all aren't blown out. There are a handful of skateshops over there
too. And they also put out insane videos. Go pick up Happy Medium or
Potpourri and see for yourself.

10. If you could go anywhere where would you go and who would you
bring with? If I could go to Australia because its such a sick place down there
and the skate scene is amazing. The spots are sick too. I would take
some of my friends but I wouldn't really care who I went with as long
as they skated.

-Paul Jensen

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